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5 String Neck for Pre-War Gibson Banjo Mandolin Pot

Here are some images of a recent 5 string neck I was commissioned to make for a pre-war Gibson banjo mandolin pot.

The aim of this project wasn't to try and fool anyone , as to my knowledge, Gibson never made a 5 string A scale using this peghead.

The customer had come by a very nice 10 1/2" pot , with some of the badly damaged Mandolin neck hanging off it . It was very unlikely any of neck parts would see the light of day again and it would have been a shame to just leave that pot in a box somewhere. So, a plan was hatched to build a five string A scale using the bits we could save. I did have strings on it for the "dry build " just to check everything out. It sounded lovely and plays really nicely. The customer wanted to do the finishing himself ( he's very good at reproducing old finishes etc ) . The neck will be stained dark cherry to match the pot. I think its going to be lovely ! :-)

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