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Talk Banjo Ep 2: How to Install a Capo Spike

A picture of a capo spike fretting a string.

A picture of a capo spike fretting a string.

In this week’s episode of Talk Banjo we look at how to install a capo spike.

Click on the player at the end of this post to discover:

  1. Why players use capo spikes

  2. The most common places to place them (for bluegrass players)

  3. What you’ll need to fit a capo spike

  4. How to fit a spike safely, securely and without damage to your banjo

Don’t forget to leave your comments below and let us know if you have any questions for future episodes of Talk Banjo!

Additional notes from the show: 

In the show I mention a tapered router bit to help with the installation. You can find this on the Stew Mac website here. 

 Problems with the player?

No worries – just click on this link to listen

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