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Banjo developments, Vega necks and Mastertone style banjos

Well,.. it’s been a while since I wrote or recorded anything here. I’ve had an unusual start to the year and been involved with some interesting things. But sometimes you just need to get back to what you really love and what you feel you do best. For me, at least at this stage…that’s commissions and small batch work. I want to keep on making the best sounding banjos I possibly can and I want people to keep them forever. This means I can’t compete with the Chinese introductory stuff but I believe I can offer far superior tone , quality and individuality. I’ve stepped back from providing instruments for dealers . It’s all very amicable , no drama ! 🙂 . It’s just I’ve got a lot more banjo development ideas etc that may never see light if I don’t . I’d really like people to know about this stuff too. The main areas I will be moving back into are:

  1. Mastertone type banjos . Always loved Gibson’s and I’ve got some original slants of my own for squeezing more tone out of them !

  2. To keep refining my open backs and add more twelve inch options.

  3. Vega repro necks. Five string conversions.

I’m very excited about everything. I just want to get some of this stuff off the bench and into people’s hands to try out.

Cutting back on the other stuff will also mean I have more time to chat on phone and generally try to assist. If you want to call into the workshop, please give me a ring first. I am friendly ! And I like people , but if I’m sawing etc I won’t even know your outside. I cant pick up email till I get home but if there is anything you want to discuss , just give me a ring and leave a message. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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