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Banjo Uke Rescue

Ukuleles are enjoying renewed popularity at the moment. I’m sure this partly due to acts like The British Ukulele Orchestra and TV coverage like the recent Frank Skinner program ( yeah, I haven’t seen it yet either , but I’m told it was very good ! ). Although I can barely hold a tune on the uke, I can definitely see the attraction. They sound great, look great ( especially the banjo ones 🙂 and have the sort of portability and light weight ,  us bluegrass banjo players can only dream of. You could carry one of these around town , get on and off buses , play a gig , ….play two gigs even ! And not arrive home feeling like you’ve just finished a coal round.

Anyway, I’ve just finished fixing up some banjo ukes for the Union Music Store in Lewes. Its a great little shop ran by a couple of genuine music enthusiasts . The shop isn’t huge but they manage to pack a lot into it, including live bands ( usually old time and country music ),  instruments , capos , imported cd’s and even a range of shirts and cowboy boots. Oh, and they’re friendly , they don’t mind browesers.

This little John Grey uke had been played quite hard at the start of its life and then ( like many ukes ) slept for many years waiting to be rediscovered. It looks pretty unhappy in the before pics but is all ‘better’ again now , playing in tune and sounding grand 🙂 .

I think a lot of people will be getting ukuleles for Christmas this year.



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