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Bluegrass News: 10th Cornish Bluegrass Festival this September

The Cornish Bluegrass festival is celebrating it’s 10 th year this year (13th-15th sept). If you haven’t been to this , I can’t recommend it highly enough, it’s wonderful ! It’s held at Hendra Park , which is an enormous holiday/ caravan park. This means apart from the excellent music of the festival , you’ve also got enough squeaky clean showers and toilet blocks to make camping ….well, enjoyable ! 🙂 . You can even have electrical hook up outside your tent. Now, I’ve never minded a bit of camping I can put up with bad weather etc but all this stuff was a revelation to me. Electricity , in a field ! ..and showers , even sunshine ! All this while camping 🙂 I’ve been very spoilt ever since . In fact, I find it hard now to go back to real camping. Smelling like a giraffe and trying to make toast on a Tilly lamp just doesn’t do it for me anymore . I want the whole bit now, I want matches that are dry, …beer thats cold …. Anyway , I digress… I really just wanted to say what a great festival it is . It’s ran by very hard working enthusiasts , who always go the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy. I’ve made so many friends there and have got a ton of great memories from this event. Some relatives of mine who ( dare I say it ) weren’t all that sure what bluegrass was , stopped over there one night on there way north. ( Just to meet up really ) They were blown away by the bands and how relaxed and friendly it all was, loved it ! All went back with Heather Bristol CDs 🙂 I’ve got to confess now, I can’t go this year ! I’ve got a bit too much work on ( which is good … I’m not moaning ) It would be nice to be able to fit everything in though. I’ll have to make more time for it next year. If you can do it, get down there, you will love it I promise.

To find out more about the festival, click here.

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