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Brighton Banjos Workshop Move

Things have been pretty hectic lately. I’ve been thinking about moving to a bigger workshop , but had put the idea on hold till the new year. Anyway, as these things go , when you’re not looking, one came up.

It’s still in Brighton, so I won’t need to change the name and I’m just in the process of painting and  moving my tools in.

I’m thrilled to bits at the extra space and looking forward to starting the new year in there. I want  the move  to be slick  , efficient and completely seamless, but I’ll  see how it goes !  I plan to be in there  and up and running  properly, before Christmas though. I’ve had my lovely fianceé Amy painting away in there, with me. She’s a star,  we’ve got tea bags and Christmas music on. Brilliant!

I’ll give out the address soon because I’m in between two places this week and it may get confusing. It’s in the Hanover area of Brighton, off Southover Street. It’s a side of town I’ve always liked, pretty close to town centre and the sea front etc.

I’ll post more details very soon.

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