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McLeod Banjos Documentary Accepted for Sony Production Awards – Votes Needed!

Recently a local film production company flycreative shot a micro-documentary called The Lurcher about the Brighton workshop and my range of Lurcher banjos. They submitted the finished film into the Sony Production Awards and it was accepted as a final entrant!

They now need votes to help it along and I’d love to share it with you and see what you think. To watch the film and to vote click on the image below.

banjo film

Still from the documentary “The Lurcher” click to watch and to vote.

 How to vote

Voting takes a couple of minutes, all you have to do is:

  1. Click “Vote”

  2. Fill out your details

  3. check your emails and click the confirmation email

  4. Hit the “Vote” button and you should see confirmation of your vote.

I know it seems strange that you have to click the confirmation link and then vote, but if you could do that, it would be great as I don’t think it’s registered otherwise.

A big thank you behind the scenes

The film was good fun to make, and I’d like to thank Jon Rose and Frit Tam  from flyrcreative from making the interview bits relaxing and fun.

A big thanks also goes out to talented player and artist Chris Aggs who was one of the first Lurcher customers and agreed to play the soundtrack to the film for us. Here’s a shot of Chris in action!


Chris being filmed for “The Lurcher”

 I’d love to know what you think of the film, and if you know any other banjo enthusiasts that would like the film, don’t be shy and share.

Thanks, Malc.

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