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Tennessee 20 tone ring for sale

UPDATED: This item has been sold.

Hi ya, I’ve got a real bluegrass tone ring for sale here. It’s a Tennessee 20. These are the nuts ! ..and very hard to find in the UK. It’s a flathead Mastertone type ring and can only be found in high end bluegrass banjos e.g. Hatfield, Crafters, Sullivan ..Yates etc and is a popular replacement choice in many Gibsons. It’s in excellent , almost new condition . ( Cost £ 270 new. ) yours for ….BARGAIN £130 , plus post . If you’ve got an questions about whether this ring will fit your banjo , just give me a call. This ring will pretty much drop into many mastertone type banjos , you may only have to do the smallest amount of work to get the fit right. On others it may be more difficult . If you phone or email , let me know what your thinking of putting it in and I’ll do my best to help. Tone ring fit is always very important but some banjo rims will be more compatible than others. If you want to fit it yourself, I’ll be happy to advise. If you don’t fancy it, post your banjo pot and I’ll fit it for you free of charge. Tel: 0787-0505-662



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