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VIDEOS: First Look and Listen to the Lurcher Banjo

I’m very fortunate to live a short walk from Mo Jackson. You may know her from her work with the Kitty Hawks and the Lil Kitties . She’s a lovely person and a fine banjo player. I asked Mo if she wouldn’t mind playing a few tunes on the first completed Lurcher banjo so I could give you an idea of how it sounds . Mo said she’d be happy to and here they are. We didn’t give her very long at all to get to grips with the new instrument , we pretty much just turned up and pointed a camera at her but she never once complained . What a professional ! Thanks again Mo.

To order your Lurcher banjo or to try it out and play it just give us a call on: 0787-0505-662

Road to Malvern

Coloured Aristocracy

Bucking Dunn

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