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Vega Banjo for sale (Update: Now Sold!)

Hi ya ,

I’m just looking at how long its been since I posted anything here…hmm.. , quite a while.

I’ve just put a very nice old banjo on ebay , if anyones interested ?

I’ve been putting off selling it for a while, its a lovely banjo but I just don’t play it anymore. For a while I wobbled along that line between claw hammer and three finger bluegrass. Eventually the bluegrass stuff started to take over and so a nice early thirties open back got left in its case more and more.

I kept doing that thing all banjo players do, when they decide to sell a banjo. I’d get it out of the case to take a picture for ebay , or whatever and end up going ” .I might keep this, after all….now what was that tune with the crooked bit and …’

Anyway, heres a link , if you want to have a look.

I’m good,hope you are too . And I  hope you’re managing to get some of this lovely sunshine. I’m pretty busy doing exciting top secret banjo work that I’m dying to talk about but can’t just yet, but its good stuff ! . Stay happy  🙂

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